Is Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM by USPS) Effective?

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Is Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM by USPS) Effective?

First, what the heck is EDDM?? 

Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) is a mailing service offered by the United States Postal Service, which allows you to mail the package to every household area in the carrier route. 

It’s what I refer to as the “cookie-cutter approach”.

It’s going to work for some, but it’s not ideal for many. 

We believe strongly in taking a data-based approach.

EDDM is an old-school way. It’s spray and pray and there are limitations. 

You can’t do radius mailers

You can’t mail to existing clients (client retention mailers)

You’re mailing to people who are not qualified for your services

You can’t get proof that it was actually delivered to the home (no address/barcode to scan)

That’s not the level of service that we desire to provide to our clients. 

Who Would EDDM Work For? 

There are a few businesses that EDDM could work for:

  • Restaurants
  • Coffee Shop
  • Churches

Any business where literally everyone is a potential client would be an ideal business to run EDDM. 

BUT… you are still limited and would benefit from using data-based mailing. 

What Strategy Is Best for High Ticket Businesses? 

It’s always going to be best to start with your existing clients. 

When you work with The Best Postcards, we take your existing data, identify your current customer base, pinpoint the areas that are bringing in the most revenue, and pick a logical mailing route to target based on your data. 

We use income filters, housing filters, etc. to determine the right audience for your brand and offering.

Once that is established, we will continue to mail to your target audience (consistency is key), while we monitor the new incoming data. 

This data will help adjust future campaigns. 

Remember: Go deep, not wide. 

There’s no “one size fits all” program for every type of business. It takes a deep analytical approach for each business we work with. That’s where our data team comes in to save the day. 

Final Thoughts on the Effectiveness of EDDM

Yes, EDDM can be an effective method for your direct mail marketing – BUT… we don’t recommend it for most of the businesses that we work with due to its limitations. If you’re looking for a custom program to build your brand, fill out our contact form, and let’s create a solution tailored to your needs based on real data.


Written By Jacob Schwer

Direct of Social Media @ The Best Postcards

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