A Rare 1997 VHS Video That Explains The Marketing Genius of Steve Jobs

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In 1997, Steve returned to Apple as CEO.

The product pipeline was virtually empty. A total mess.
Steve desperately needed to figure out a plan.
But he also needed to redefine Apple.
To the world, and to itself.

In short, he needed to raise the pirate flag again.

So he canceled all their existing agency plans under Gil Amelio.
And brought back Chiat/Day, his agency partner from the infamous “1984” campaign.

That’s where this video finds us:

It’s a rare VHS tape from when he first unveiled the new marketing plan to Apple staff.

What he says is chilling.

He explains the purpose and role of marketing.
It’s not what you think.

Also incredible is what he’s wearing (wait until it pans out).

The result is the iconic “Think Different” campaign.

But turn sound on and watch the whole thing.

His view is entirely different.

But honestly, gives me goosebumps! You too?

Written By Andrew Ettinger

CEO, The Best Postcards

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