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Direct Mail: Ways to Make It a Branding and Loyalty-Building Strategy

With the information overload online, getting a direct mail could be a breath of fresh air. No, it isn’t boring. And yes, you can still derive sales from this strategy. You just need to implement innovative ways to make your emails appealing. For a start, it’s a must to avail of world-class commercial printing in Branford, Connecticut to ensure…

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Making the Message Stick with Creatively Made Postcards

One untapped class of printed marketing materials which people often overlook when coming up with a new campaign are personalized postcards. This item is incredibly versatile and economical for any marketer looking to get their message out and into the world. It is also a great way to establish a long-lasting connection with your customers,…

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Benefits of Custom Postcards in Promoting Business

We at The Best Postcards believe that personalized postcards in new England is an art form of its own. To produce the best possible postcards for your business or organization, you must take the creation stages of the print product into consideration. Choose a trustworthy partner that can help you out with commercial printing in…

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Postcard Marketing Design Tips for Beginners (1)

If your company is looking to start marketing using direct mail in Connecticut, postcard marketing is the way to go! It can be used to promote a sale or feature a new product/service and it’s one of the most affordable, not to mention popular forms of direct mail marketing. However, marketers should keep in mind…

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All the Love, In a Postcard: Valentine’s Direct Mail Marketing Tips

Valentine’s Day is the perfect holiday for companies and their marketers to promote their businesses, build relationships, and increase sales. Mailboxes all over the country are ready to heat up with love-filled mailing envelopes, so join the fun and start planning your own direct mail marketing system! The Best Postcards, a trusted and well-experienced provider…

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The Secret Is in the Cards

You read that right. That simple credit card-sized promotional card that’s usually attached to the upper panel of mailing envelopes you receive holds the answer to promotional success! According to research conducted by IWCO Direct, promotional cards generate more results compared to no-card mailings, and for a number of reasons. It starts with the feel.…

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