How Home Services Companies Grow Sales With Direct Mail

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Our CEO, Andrew Ettinger, was recently featured alongside Louis Hobaica and Tom Casey in a panel discussion about how home services companies can grow sales faster using direct mail.

If you don’t know Lou, he’s the President of Hobaica Services Inc., a residential/commercial cooling, heating, plumbing, drain & sewer, electric, security & wine cellar services company based out of Phoenix, Arizona.

And Tom is the owner of Griffin Service, a home services company in Jacksonville, Florida.

What You’ll Learn

Tom and Louis both run creative (and profitable) direct mail campaigns, and the moderator (David Rosendahl, president at MindFire) explores how our “layered” direct mail system:

— Enabled Lou’s HVAC, plumbing, and electrical company to generate $500K in sales from Direct Mail and a record-setting $1+ million month

— Gave Tom’s cooling, plumbing, and heating business their busiest month ever

Also included are questions from the live studio audience, many of which are HVAC, Dental, Fitness, Food, Landscaping, and home services companies like yours. Questions include:

  • Should I spend money on digital (like pay per click) or direct mail?
  • Direct mail is expensive. How do I justify the cost?
  • How often should we be mailing?
  • Does anyone look at DM anymore?
  • Where do you get the best lists?

Watch Now

Want to Learn More?

If you want the same kinds of results as Tom and Lou describe in the video, let’s talk. We’ll do a complete analysis of your unique situation, and give you a full assessment of how we can help. And if we can’t, we’ll tell you that too. Click here to schedule some time with us now.

Written By Andrew Ettinger

CEO, The Best Postcards

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