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Postcard Marketing Design Tips for Beginners (1)

If your company is looking to start marketing using direct mail in Connecticut, postcard marketing is the way to go! It can be used to promote a sale or feature a new product/service and it’s one of the most affordable, not to mention popular forms of direct mail marketing. However, marketers should keep in mind…

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All the Love, In a Postcard: Valentine’s Direct Mail Marketing Tips

Valentine’s Day is the perfect holiday for companies and their marketers to promote their businesses, build relationships, and increase sales. Mailboxes all over the country are ready to heat up with love-filled mailing envelopes, so join the fun and start planning your own direct mail marketing system! The Best Postcards, a trusted and well-experienced provider…

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Does Shape Matter: Rounded or Pointed

Design is one of the most important elements of marketing and is also applied in commercial printing in Branford, Connecticut. It reflects the personality and characteristics of the product and if done correctly, relays the vision and morals of the business. Employing The Best Postcards for your needs in direct mail in Connecticut would mean…

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Most Common Postcard Marketing Mistakes

Postcards are the least expensive form of direct mail in Connecticut today, are easy to create, and typically generate a higher rate of response compared to other forms of direct marketing. But, there are several things that marketers forget to consider when utilizing this asset. Here are a couple of them: Not sending them to…

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Postcards Are Still Quite Effective and Here’s Why

As strange as this may sound to readers, a postcard is one of the more effective direct marketing tools still in use even in today’s digital era! Here’s why: Receiving physical mail leaves a great impression on your consumers since potential customers are able to have a tangible connection with the marketing material. Compared with…

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