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Direct Mail Marketing

Do’s and Don’ts for a Successful Direct Mail Marketing

If you’re thinking of using direct mail in Connecticut as a way to market your brand, then you have to do it right. You can’t just simply pour your precious funds into it without even a smidgen of a plan. Direct mailing is an effective marketing tool, but if you don’t use it correctly then…

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The Cons of Direct Mail Marketing

Direct mail in Connecticut has several uses, and well-planned and targeted direct mail campaigns can increase brand recognition and solicit sales. Though there are a few drawbacks to be considered before investing your time and money in a direct mail campaign, these considerations are especially important if you are operating a small business with a…

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The Pros of Direct Mail Marketing

Despite popular belief, direct mail marketing isn’t extinct. In fact, U.S. organizations spent $46 billion on direct mail in 2014, that’s up from $44.8 billion the year before. In addition to digital marketing tactics and a loyalty program, of course, direct mail also provides an opportunity to attract and retain customers. But is it right…

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