Ductwork Issues Can Contribute to Over 30% More On Energy Bills

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In the second episode of our podcast, “Talking Aircare” host Terry McIver explores the rationale behind residential ductwork – how to drive the air where it needs to go. As you can imagine problems such as holes, leaks and bad connections in attic ducts can result in losing conditioned air before it makes it to the intended room.

This is the second of a four-episode podcast series that will go beyond equipment and technologies, to bring you a mini-course about how duct issues can Contribute to Over 30% More On Energy Bills and what your contractor can do to tackle the root cause of higher energy.

In this episode, Contracting Business’ Editor-in-Chief, Terry McIver, talks with Tom Casey, Chief Visionary Officer, Griffin Service about ductwork issues and how they can contribute to:

  • Allergies (Depending on the season)
  • Too much humidity during the summer and not enough during the winter
  • The root cause of higher energy costs

…and much more. Enjoy!

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Written By Andrew Ettinger

CEO, The Best Postcards

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