How Attic Ductwork Can Help Contractors Care For Their Customer’s Air

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A home’s attic ductwork can be the weakest link in the building envelope or the ultimate indoor air quality accessory. In this podcast, you’ll hear industry expert Tom Casey (Chief Visionary Officer at Griffin Service) discusses how attic ductwork can help contractors care for their customer’s air.

Syndicated with permission, this is a special episode of the Talking AirCare podcast.

This is the first of a four-episode podcast series that will go beyond equipment and technologies, to bring you a mini-course about what really makes a difference when it comes to caring for your customers’ air – which is what the HVAC business really comes down to.

In this episode, Contracting Business’ Editor-in-Chief, Terry McIver, talks with Tom and Jessica Bazzi, AirCare Contractor Program lead with Owens Corning Air Distribution. You’ll learn:

  • The unique ways that Tom re-positions his company (hint: it has to do with a shift in perception, driven by the words you choose)
  • What it means to “go beyond the box” and how this builds your company’s brand
  • The trait Tom says the best contractors have (it may not be what you think!)

… and much more. Enjoy!


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Written By Andrew Ettinger

CEO, The Best Postcards

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