The Bullsh!T Facebook Doesn’t Want Advertisers to Know

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The BANNED post.

So I just had my first post removed from LinkedIn.

I’ve got news for you:

This feels like a violation of the 1st amendment.

The video you see below is now banned on their platform, but why? Because it’s true?

Because I said that you can target 230 million people on Facebook, but there are only 170 million active users?

Because I reported that senior FB execs say that bots account for 30% of ad clicks?

Because out of every 10 people, only 4 people get your ad? But you pay for all of them?

Because I leaked an internal email from Facebook revealing an ugly secret?

Sorry folks, just reporting the truth here.

Some people don’t like to be called out.

What do you think?

— Did I go too far?

— Or is it time to hold the social networks accountable?

Believe it or not, the video is still floating around Facebook, of all places. Watch it below before it’s too late!

Andrew Ettinger, CEO The Best Postcards


Written By David Rosendahl

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