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Direct Mail: Ways to Make It a Branding and Loyalty-Building Strategy

Direct Mail: Ways to Make It a Branding and Loyalty-Building Strategy

With the information overload online, getting a direct mail could be a breath of fresh air. No, it isn’t boring. And yes, you can still derive sales from this strategy. You just need to implement innovative ways to make your emails appealing. For a start, it’s a must to avail of world-class commercial printing in Branford, Connecticut to ensure your marketing materials would all look professional. Then, be sure to integrate the following insights to add a touch of style:

  • Consider including product samples.

    Increase the open rate of your direct mail in Connecticut by including product samples. With freebies inside, the mail would look lumpy, making your customers curious about the contents of the mail. Giving product samples are also effective in encouraging customers to really buy your products.

  • Be creative.

    Make sure that your mailing envelopes all have catchy propositions. Doing this attracts your customers’ attention. And most importantly, add a call to action on the envelopes to make them open the parcel. Choose your messages wisely. Prioritize quality over quantity when sending mails. As much as possible, align the messages with the customers’ needs.

  • Include something informative and useful.

    Aside from product samples, it also helps to include instructional materials, informative articles, and other useful materials in your direct mail in New Jersey. You could also include useful promotional materials, such as pens and notebooks printed with your company details.

Direct mail doesn’t have to be boring. In fact, you can use it to boost your brand loyalty and sales strategies. If you’re now looking for professional makers of direct mail materials, the services at The Best Postcards might be an excellent start.

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