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Making an Impact on Your Customers’ Life Amid This COVID-19 Crisis

Making an Impact on Your Customers’ Life Amid This COVID-19 Crisis

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, people around the world are in a state of panic and paranoia. As an entrepreneur, you can make a positive impact on the lives of your customers. The secret lies in your marketing campaigns. For your commercial printing in Branford, Connecticut, and other initiatives, consider integrating the following:

  • Include inspiring quotes in your direct mail campaigns.

    You can use a direct mail in Connecticut to send motivational messages to your customers. In this time of crisis, you may also share positive news and inspiring quotes. Or, add some pictures depicting an inspirational message.

  • Integrate online payments and deliveries.

    With quarantine protocols in place, make your customers’ life easier by offering online payment option. You may also offer delivery services, either for free or at a discounted price.

  • Offer some discounts or freebies.

    As many people are losing their jobs or being on forced leave, they’d be more than happy to receive some freebies. Or if freebies are too much, offering some items at a discounted price would be a great help. Relatively, you can also avail of bulk mail in New York for you to cut direct mail campaign costs.

Make sure your customers will feel your concern and compassion during this time of crisis. As you’re figuring out the perfect messages to send, The Best Postcards might be of great help in giving you access to affordable mailing envelopes and direct mail services. So, contact us!

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