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The Secret Is in the Cards

The Secret Is in the Cards

You read that right. That simple credit card-sized promotional card that’s usually attached to the upper panel of mailing envelopes you receive holds the answer to promotional success!

According to research conducted by IWCO Direct, promotional cards generate more results compared to no-card mailings, and for a number of reasons.

  • It starts with the feel.

    Since most direct mail in Connecticut is floppy, mail that contains a promotional card immediately stands out to the audience because of its thicker feel. That leads to the client feeling curious about what could be contained inside.

  • Extending brand and response cycle.

    People peel cards off direct mail in new jersey and keep them as reminders before they get rid of the letter. This is how cards end up in wallets, bulletin boards, or even tucked into a drawer for later use.

  • Cards get results.

    A plastic card can generate a lift of up to 25% in customer engagement, sometimes more. Paper cards, on the other hand, produce up to 12%.

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