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Hitting All the Senses with Direct Mail

It is a challenge for digital marketers to engage more than two senses in their usual clients; it becomes impossible to hit all of them at the same time. At most, a digital marketing campaign can only focus on engaging sight and hearing. There have been endeavors where smart marketers manage to appeal to a client’s sense of touch, however, even that experience is not the same.

All of us experience the world through our senses, and direct mail in Connecticut takes advantage of all 5 of them (hearing, seeing, feeling, smelling, and tasting).

Take for example the ad George Patterson from Y&R Melbourne put out.

He sent out a cardboard box with two knobs on it, including a baggy of electronic components. It was everything a person would need to build an FM radio. This was sent to college engineering students you went and put together the radio, which then after played an ad offering the students a fast track to a career in the military.

Now, that’s multisensory!

So, thinking of using mail advertising in new England?

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