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The Best Time to Market on Social Media

The Best Time to Market on Social Media

So you feel like you are ready to suit up and sell. The next question now would be: when is the right time to sell on social media? Unlike traditional methods such as direct mail in Connecticut, the time for marketing on social media varies depending on which platform you are using. Marketers far and wide have discussed this issue and the consensus often seems to be this – it depends.

According to The CMO Survey, social media spending has increased by 200% in the past eight years – a huge jump from 2009, where marketing budgets were only allocated 3.5% for social media, with people relying more on mailing envelopes.

Users behave differently depending on what platform they’re using.

The Best Postcards is here to break down the optimal time to post ads on three of the most popular platforms for your reference.

  1. Facebook.

    Ads should be posted between 1 pm to 5 pm on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays.

  2. Twitter.

    According to a study conducted by Buffer, the best time to post on Twitter is a. early morning for more clicks or b. late at night of more favorites and retweets.

  3. Instagram.

    According to a study done by Experticity, the most effective time to post is 2 am.

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