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Why Digital Advertising Isn’t All ‘That’

Why Digital Advertising Isn’t All ‘That’

Digital advertising in today’s age is delicate because of two main elements: quality and saturation.

According to the Wall Street Journal, earlier this year, Facebook Inc. reported having overestimated by about 80% of the average time people spent watching video ads on its platform. This affected 2 years of already gathered information, agitating the media and the marketing world. Imagine how devastating this information was to some of the world’s largest advertisers who have allocated millions – even billions – of marketing dollars toward video content promotion!

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Another issue in digital marketing is the major increase in the volume of low-quality ad content. In essence, the collective cache of the content does continue to grow, but the ROI declines.

When quality drops or an advertising medium becomes saturated with content, advertisers become concerned. One consideration for any marketing strategy is the vehicle by which the message is communicated to an audience, like commercial printing in Branford, Connecticut. The advertiser must prioritize authority and credibility over its content.

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