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Types of Brochure Folds and Their Uses

Marketers using commercial printing in Branford, Connecticut should take advantage of the unique attributes of brochures when it comes to its folding options. Every single type of fold works differently for certain types of content, changing the way your product is presented in each fold.

Here are a few types of brochure folds that you can use on your brochure marketing:

  • The half-fold (a.k.a. the bifold) divides the brochure into two panels and is perfect for simple product presentations.
  • The tri-fold divides the brochure into three panels and is well-suited for general purposes. It is the perfect balance between design and content.
  • The z-fold still divides the brochure into three panels, but this fold has a distinct Z-shape that folds each panel on top of one another. This is great for general product presentation and is often used for direct mail in Connecticut.
  • Finally, the gate-fold brochure. This design divides the paper into unequal parts, with the side panels measuring only one half of the width of the main panel. This fold works for single product presentations or graphic-heavy designs.

No matter what you plan on selling, the way you sell it to your customer will always matter. The Best Postcards provides customers with the best postcard and mailing envelopes printing services in town.

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