The Best Postcards

Does Shape Matter: Rounded or Pointed

Design is one of the most important elements of marketing and is also applied in commercial printing in Branford, Connecticut. It reflects the personality and characteristics of the product and if done correctly, relays the vision and morals of the business.

Employing The Best Postcards for your needs in direct mail in Connecticut would mean taking one step closer to achieving your goals as a marketer. Our employees are skilled and trained at designing products that will suit your tastes as the customer.

Like the copy, image, and color, the shape is equally important to the overall look of your custom postcard.

Should you go for rounded edges or pointed ones?

Changing the corners of your postcards may help improve their appearance, thus making your business stand out from the rest. However, be aware that it won’t promise you additional sales and revenue. Ultimately, postcards with rounded corners can make a difference, but if printed with a below-average design, they won’t be as effective as intended.

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