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Most Common Postcard Marketing Mistakes

Postcards are the least expensive form of direct mail in Connecticut today, are easy to create, and typically generate a higher rate of response compared to other forms of direct marketing. But, there are several things that marketers forget to consider when utilizing this asset.

Here are a couple of them:

  • Not sending them to your targeted prospects

    Having a mailing list of prospects is one of the most important factors of a successful postcard marketing campaign. In-house lists are best, especially if those listed also have a proven history of acting on offers that interest them.

  • Lack of repetition

    What you need is a postcard marketing campaign, not just one mailing envelope. When someone sees your company name over and over again, it builds credibility and familiarity. Although it may take several contacts with a customer before it leads to a sale, the eventual increase in revenue usually far offsets the small cost of postcard printing.

  • Spending too much on printing

    Commercial printing in Branford, Connecticut or anywhere else can get pricey, especially when you don’t know who to approach. The Best Postcards can give you quality services without you needing to spend too much! For information, you can call 888-539-3496.

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