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The Pros of Direct Mail Marketing

Despite popular belief, direct mail marketing isn’t extinct. In fact, U.S. organizations spent $46 billion on direct mail in 2014, that’s up from $44.8 billion the year before.

In addition to digital marketing tactics and a loyalty program, of course, direct mail also provides an opportunity to attract and retain customers. But is it right for your business?

As a provider of commercial printing in Branford, Connecticut, we have listed down a few of the pros of direct mail marketing for you to identify if it’s a viable option for your company.

  • You can target a niche audience. In general, the more targeted your marketing efforts, the better success you’ll have. With direct mail marketing, you can send information to a select group that’s interested in your product and increase your chance of closing a deal.

  • You can provide detailed information about your company or product. Direct mail in Connecticut gives a lot of room to work with (front and back!), hence, you can also give customers a lot more information. A detailed letter, event invite, or flyer, for example, can outline the benefits of your company, its local history, and provide a special deal for new customers.

  • Lastly, it’s easier to track your response rate and plan for redemption tracking. If you know your response rates, you can figure out your return on investment.

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